visiblebones (visiblebones) wrote,

Inspiration hits!-Photo Final

Quik notes:


Take at least three rolls to these locations:
Jersey City - 629 Grove St. -Industrial Building - many employees have seen ghosts wearing close with style from a different era. Feet running sounds and more, screams all that happen on the second and third shift.

Jersey City - Daily News Building - This place is haunted on a daily basis by the chief Machinist that was supposedly beheaded by a disgruntled employee. Workers there say that they hear the words "Jeezz I'm the Chief" coming from one of the offices late at night.

Jersey City - St. Joseph's Church - This church is located right by the Courthouse. You must stand in front of the Mc. Donald's to see it. At night, you can see two lights(eyes) in the tower. These are known as the "Cat's Eyes of St. Joseph." There are no lights located in the tower itself and the street lights do not extend up that high. There is no explanation for it as yet.

Construct a 'Tree' like holder for the photos and place/hook them to the limbs. Brief 'paranormal' history of each one(or most interesting one) on the 'trunk'. Why a tree?-Its just looks cool.
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